Education News Highlights

Common Core Poses Challenges for Preschools
46 states and the District of Columbia are working to put new curricular guidelines in place. Preschool and early-childhood educators must determine how to balance the common standards’ emphasis on increasing and measuring academic rigor with research findings on young children’s developmental needs, which place a high value on play, the arts, social skills, and integrated instruction.

Reading with Mom Can Boost Kindergarten Readiness
Home learning experiences such as reading books with parents can improve low-income preschool children’s readiness to start school, researchers say.

Rewrite of School Lunch Rules Falls Short of Goals
Congress authorized the USDA to rewrite school-meal rules with last year’s passage of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. The agency is on track to unveil final rules for breakfast and lunch before the end of the year, and those rules are set to take effect next school year. But a spokeswoman for the USDA said the end product will be less ambitious because Congress bowed to food companies and specific industries instead of listening to experts on health and nutrition.

With Blocks, Educators Go Back to Basics
As in fashion, old things often come back in style in education. Case in point, simple wooden blocks are making a comeback in schools across that nation. Studies dating to the 1940s indicate that blocks help children absorb basic math concepts.

Making Parent Involvement a Two-Way Street
Two-way communication with families is critical in knowing how best to teach students.  Paving a two-way street with parents to travel is one of the quickest routes to student success.

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