Featured Recipe: Edible Ladybug

Edible Ladybug
submitted by Jessica Sommerville

Paper plates
Apples, cut in half
Peanut butter {or other nut butter of your choice}
Chocolate chips or raisins

Give each child a paper plate and half an apple. Show the children an example of a ladybug that you have previously assembled. You may take the opportunity at this time to discuss ladybugs, particularly if the children have not seen one before. Allow children to create their own ladybugs as they wish with the materials provided. Younger children may need assistance and/or a demonstration of how to assemble their ladybugs.

Category: snack
Nutritional Information: 1 serving
* Nutrtional information will vary, depending on materials used to assemble ladybug.
Calories – 175
Total fat – 10.1 g
Fiber – 4.6 g
Protein – 6.1 g


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