Education News Highlights

New Calculation: Math in Preschool
Evidence is mounting about the importance of teaching math in preschool and kindergarten. Research has shown that if children don’t have good instruction and effective teachers in early grades, they are more likely to struggle later when they face more complicated concepts.

Self-esteem Boosting is Losing Favor to Finer-tuned Praise
Attempts to boost students’ self-esteem by praising minor achievements have not improved academic achievements, researchers say. Some teachers say they are abandoning unearned praise in favor of methods that reward “persistence” and “risk-taking.” Some experts say this type of praise leads students to embrace challenges and work harder.

New Guidelines Double the Amount of Vitamin D Recommended for Children
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is doubling the amount of vitamin D it recommends for infants, children and adolescents. The new clinical report says that all children should receive 400 international units (IU), of Vitamin D, or the equivalent of drinking four 8-ounce glasses of fortified milk every day.

Study Suggests Preschoolers Need More Physical Play Time
Three-fourths of preschool-age children in the United States attend child care, and many are not getting enough outdoor physical activity, which may be due in part to parental and societal values about injury prevention and kindergarten readiness.

HighScope ReSource News Magazine – Winter 2011-2012
ReSource is a guide to the activities, products, and services of the HighScope Foundation. This edition features HighScope and Head Start: Still Friends After All These Years. The new Head Start standards and the updated HighScope Curriculum share a common purpose.


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