Fun Activity Turns Paper Plates into Crabs!

Turn paper plates into crabs and allow children to create their own colorful creatures!

Materials Needed:
9″ White Paper Plates – 100 pieces (DIXIE) – $6.99
Colorations® Foam Paint – set of 7 (BFPSET) – $44.99
Colorations® Easy Shake Glitter – set of 12 (ZSAZSA) – $39.99
Pom Pom Classroom Pack – 700 pieces (POMPACK) – $17.99
9×12″ Foam Sheets – 30 sheets (FOAMPACK) – $13.99
9×12″ Colorations® Heavyweight Construction Paper – 50 sheets (9CP) – $0.97
Assorted Pipe Cleaners – 100 pieces (PPIPE) – $1.79
Peel & Stick Wiggly Eyes – 500 pieces (EASYEYES) – $12.99
Colorations® Tacky Glue – set of 6 (GLUESET) – $9.99

1. Cut crab claws and legs out of foam sheets or construction paper, or you can twist pipe cleaners into claw and leg shapes. Provide paper plates, pom poms and wiggly eyes. Use Colorations® Foam Paint in various colors.

2. Have children paint two paper plates with Colorations® Foam Paint.

3. Sprinkle glitter on the paper plates. Allow paint to dry.

4. Glue the paper plates together.

5. Add pom poms and wiggly eyes.

6. Glue claws and legs to each side of the crab.

With Colorations® Foam Paint and prepped materials, the project is done in one sitting and ready for a crab walk display!

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