Bammy Awards Winners!

The 2013 Bammy Awards for achievements in education have come and gone. Congratulations to this year’s nominees and winners, which are as follows:

Child Care Center Director: Mary-Jo DiPasquale
Child Care Center Staff: Irene Bunting
Education Commentators/Bloggers: Marilyn Rhames
Education Policy/Researchers: Sandra Giarde
Education Reporters: Kristen Graham
Education School Professors: Lynn Gehrle
Elementary School Teachers: Traci Blazosky
Elementary School Principals: Tony Sinanis
Family Care Providers: Sheryl Warner
Head Start Center Directors: Jerry Reisman
Head Start Staff Members: Erica Parrotte
Innovator of the Year: James ‘Jamie’ Ewing
School Librarians: Deven Black
Middle School Teachers: Megan J. Monsen
Preschool Teachers: Jacqui Ntasha Lee
Parent Group Leaders: Sara Cottone
Preschool Directors: Sondra Gentry
School Board Members: David Pickler
School Nurses: Kathleen Schilder
Secondary School Principals: Eric Sheninger
Secondary School Teachers: Jesse Hagopian
School Technologists: Steve Dembo
Superintendents: Pam Moran

Again, congratulations to all winners!


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