Spring Crafts for All Ages!

Children love to create their own rainbows!
Materials Needed:
Nancy™ Paint Bottles Classic Tips, 2 oz. – Set of 12
BioColor® Paint, 16 oz. – Set of 11
BioColor® Paint Scraper

Let’s Begin:
1.With a Nancy™ bottle, place five dime-sized dots of BioColor® close together in a row on lower left or lower right corner of paper.
2.Place edge of scraper below dots and drag the colors to form an arc shape.
3.Have the children use brushes, sponges or fingers to paint around the rainbow to create a complete picture.


Flower Mural

Create a beautiful flower mural with BioColor® using blotter art, brushes and butcher paper.

Materials Needed:
BioColor® Paint, 16 oz. – Set of 11
18″ White 40 lb. Butcher Paper Roll
Colorations® Best Value Easel Paint Brush Assortment – Set of 24

Let’s Begin:
1.Make lots of large flowers with BioColor® using balloon prints, blotter art and brushes
2.Wait for flowers to dry, then cut out.
3.Paint sky and landscape on butcher paper. Use large brushes, including textured foam rollers. Dry.
4.Adhere flowers to mural in 3-D fashion. Use masking tape to adhere flower center only. Fold out petals for dimension.

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