Get Crafty! Make These Crayon Transfer Cards

These Crayon Transfer Cards are perfect to keep on-hand for any occasion!

Materials Needed:
Sandpaper – coarse or medium grade
An iron (for adult use)
wax paper
Colorations® Regular Crayons – Set of 16
White Card Stock – 100 Sheets
Colorations® Washable School Glue – 1.25 oz
Butcher Paper
Colorations® Extra-Safe Plastic Glitter – 3lbs.

Let’s Begin:

  1. Cut sandpaper to fit over the front end of each card or let the children cut out basic shapes that will fit.
  2. Have the children draw with crayon on their pieces of sandpaper.
  3. Open each card, place the sandpaper over the front, and wrap both in a sheet of wax paper. Lay the wrapped card on several sheets of newspaper and press with a warm iron to transfer the design. Allow to cool, then remove the card and the sandpaper from the wax paper and help the children lift the sandpaper from their cards to discover their designs.
  4. Brush a light coat of glue over the front of the card. Sprinkle crystal glitter over the glue and allow the glue to dry.

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