Now You Can Have Flowers All Year ‘Round!

Make this beautiful flower bouquet to brighten anyone’s day!

Materials Needed:
Colorations® Single Color Pipe Cleaners – Pack of 100
Liquid Watercolor™ Texas Snowflakes
Colorations® Liquid Watercolor Paint, 8 oz.
Super-Safe Droppers – Set of 12

Let’s Begin:

  1. Cut several petal shapes from Texas Snowflake material, leaving a short stem at the base of each petal.
  2. Use eyedroppers to color petals with Colorations® Liquid Watercolor
  3. When dry, gather petals at the base and wrap with craft wire to hold together. Position petals based on type f flower you want to make.
  4. For roses, overlap petals, for daisies, do not overlap.
  5. Simpler flowers can be made using a small Texas Snowflake.
  6. Add pipe cleaner for stem.

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