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This Thankful Tree Is Perfect for Any Season!

Use this craft during any season or holiday by switching out the paper colors! Children will love using their handprints to creat this beautiful tree!

Materials Needed:
9×12″ Heavyweight Construction Paper
Best Value Safety Scissors
Colorations® Washable School Glue
Huge 9″ Alphabet Collage Letters
Fadeless® Paper Rolls, 48″W x 50’L


  • Teaching appreciation for the things that are important to each child.
  • To have the children learn about Thanksgiving and what it means to be thankful.
  • Using fine motor skills to trace and cut

Before You Start:

  • You will need enough pieces of construction paper for your class. To make an autumn tree, use fall colors, such as red, yellow, green and orange.

Let’s Begin:

  1. Assist children in tracing their hands.
  2. Help them cut out the shape of their traced hands and have them write, “I am thankful for…” on the hand. Let them choose what they are thankful for.
  3. Help the children construct the trunk of the tree by using brown construction paper.
  4. Next, have each child tape or glue their “thankful hands” to the tree.
  5. You can also add pictures of the children if you would like!

Make These 3-D Self Portraits for an Abstract Art Exhibit in Your Classroom!

Materials Needed:
BioColor® 16 oz – Set of 11
Bingo Bottles with Tips & Caps – Set of 12
World Colors Paper – 50 Sheets

Best Value Tape
Full Strip Stapler

Let’s Begin:
1. Have each child create a self-portrait on paper using Bingo bottles filled with BioColor® paint.

2. Make a monoprint of each finished portrait by placing a clean sheet of paper on top and rubbing.

3. To create the 3-D effect cut out the oval face from your monoprint, then cut a 2” dart on the top and bottom, overlap dart and staple to secure.

4. Adhere 3-D face to original self-portrait with staple or tape.

Create Puppets and Explore Uniqueness!

Materials Needed:
Colorations® Acrylic Yarn – Set of 12
Colorations® Fabric Markers – Set of 24
400 Feet of Satin Ribbon – 16 Spools

Let’s Begin:
1. Lay out all of the materials and encourage the children to select the pieces they want to create their puppets. Allow them to be creative – there are no rules!

2. Create your own puppet alongside the children and show it to them as an example.

3. This is a great opportunity to talk about differences that make each of us unique. Encourage discussion among the children about eye color, hair color, and favorite features.

Favorite Review – Colorations® Super Washable Chubby Markers!

“I was surprised that these were better than Crayola! My kid (and I) love them. Great colors and value. 🙂 Thanks Discount School Supply!” – Ry’s Dad, Santa Cruz

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Last Month’s Giveaway Winner!

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Congratulations to Michael Engle from Texas! You have won a $50 Discount School Supply® Gift Certificate. Thank you for subscribing to NEWSlink!

Congratulations to Our 2014 Super Star Teacher, Julie Ahern!

“Who is Julie Ahern? She is somewhat of a cross between Buddha and a boxer. She is peaceful and contemplative but has the dogged determination of a prize fighter. Her sincere longing to put others on the path towards self-actualization is heartfelt. Julie Ahern is undefeated by the word ‘no’ and determined to leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing the best possible educational experience for her students!”

Julie is a 2nd Grade Teacher at Andrew Cooke Magnet in Waukegan. Thank you, Julie, for all that you do each and every day!

Now You Can Have Flowers All Year ‘Round!

Make this beautiful flower bouquet to brighten anyone’s day!

Materials Needed:
Colorations® Single Color Pipe Cleaners – Pack of 100
Liquid Watercolor™ Texas Snowflakes
Colorations® Liquid Watercolor Paint, 8 oz.
Super-Safe Droppers – Set of 12

Let’s Begin:

  1. Cut several petal shapes from Texas Snowflake material, leaving a short stem at the base of each petal.
  2. Use eyedroppers to color petals with Colorations® Liquid Watercolor
  3. When dry, gather petals at the base and wrap with craft wire to hold together. Position petals based on type f flower you want to make.
  4. For roses, overlap petals, for daisies, do not overlap.
  5. Simpler flowers can be made using a small Texas Snowflake.
  6. Add pipe cleaner for stem.