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Family Vacations Can Be Early Education Adventures

This article by Sharen Hausmann will help parents and their kids get the most our of family vacations!

No matter where you and your family travel for vacation, time away from the everyday routine will lead to new learning adventures for your young children. Visiting new places, meeting new people and trying new things away from home are all part of the learning process for children, especialy for those under the age of five. Getting the most out of your journey requires some planning, not only to help avoid boredom and whining, but to encourage different ways of thinking and looking at the world. Click here to read more about how to plan your family vacation!


Create Holiday Memories

fall leaf

Dora Fowler tells us about the time her daughter arrived home from college in time for the hoildays, expecting to see all of the family’s traditional decorations throughout the house. Dora, thinking that her children had outgrown the “old” decorations, hadn’t put any of the decorations out for the holiday season. Read more here to see what happened when her daughter came home!