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Catchy Tune Gets Toes Tapping!

This catchy tune will get little feet tapping while focusing on Counting (Mathematics) and Diversity in Friendship (Social Emotional Development).

Listen below!


From the Blogosphere: Miss Jackie Silberg’s Inspirations

Make an Opera

You will need plastic letters for each child. The word “opera” printed on a chalk board or poster. The more you use language with your children the better their brains will grow.

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From the Blogosphere: Miss Jackie Silberg’s Inspirations

Color Songs!

These games will help to grow the brains of infants and toddlers. Whether it’s through singing, dancing, cuddling, rocking, talking, smelling, or tasting, you can encourage the pathways of their brains to make new connections.

Learning Objective – Developing motor skills
Color Songs
The children should be sitting in front of you in a circle. Give each child a piece of drawing paper. Have an array of crayons next to you so that all the children can see the colors. Sing a song to your children that has a color word in the lyrics. Here are some suggestions.
“Skip to My Lou”
“Yellow Bird”
“Red Red Robin”
“Miss Mary Mack”
“Jennie Jenkins”

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