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Celebrate Nature & Decorate Your Space!

Materials Needed:
Colorations® Extra-Safe Plastic Glitter – 1 lb.
Colorations® Comfort Grip Blunt Tip Scissors
Colorations® Acrylic Yarn – Set of 12
One Hole Punch
Clear Con-Tact® Cover – 18″ x 9′

Let’s Begin:
1. Show some examples of the things you’d like the children to look for on their walk: small flowers, leaves, etc. Discourage them from choosing sticks or thick items (pine cones, etc.) – explain that flat things will work better for your project.
2. Take your group on a nature walk. Encourage them to gather interesting items, such as single petals, a dropped spray of pine needles, etc.
3. Place in front of each child one sheet of clear, self-adhesive paper, sticky side up. Allow the children to place flowers and other items and arrange them as they’d like.
4. “Sandwich” the cover with another piece, sticky side down. It’s best if an adult does this.
5. Trim any excess if needed.
6. Use as a place mat or as a hanging nature window!
7. You can use the sandwiching technique with many other items! “Capture and display pieces of colored paper, glitter, sand, etc.


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sharron nature bracelets 1

Sharin with Sharron:

I just returned from a fantastic family reunion in South Lake Tahoe.  Three of the five grandchildren were present and activities for the week included a hike at beautiful Fallen Leaf Lake.  We got close and personal with chipmunks, a snake, and a Steller’s Jay which was quite bold in stealing cherries from our picnic lunch!  The kids found sticks, went swimming in the lake, and enjoyed skipping rocks.  I happened to bring a roll of wide masking tape with me so the children could make Nature Bracelets of the items they collected on their hike. 

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Summer Learning

This article by Dawn Buckingham, M.A. will give you some summer activity ideas that will give your students something to ponder over the summer!

Summer is often a time ofchange; the school year ends, famililes begin their vacations, and everyone relaxes a bit from the standard schedule. It is important to remember that even though the weather changes and regular programs end, children’s interests and abilities to learn do not slow down. Summer is a great time to continue stimulating learning with new and exciting outdoor opportunities.

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