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Make These 3-D Self Portraits for an Abstract Art Exhibit in Your Classroom!

Materials Needed:
BioColor® 16 oz – Set of 11
Bingo Bottles with Tips & Caps – Set of 12
World Colors Paper – 50 Sheets

Best Value Tape
Full Strip Stapler

Let’s Begin:
1. Have each child create a self-portrait on paper using Bingo bottles filled with BioColor® paint.

2. Make a monoprint of each finished portrait by placing a clean sheet of paper on top and rubbing.

3. To create the 3-D effect cut out the oval face from your monoprint, then cut a 2” dart on the top and bottom, overlap dart and staple to secure.

4. Adhere 3-D face to original self-portrait with staple or tape.


Icicle Paint: A Great Project for Little Hands!

Materials Needed:
BioColor® Paint, 16 oz. – Set of 11
Wood Craft Sticks – 1000 Pieces

Let’s Begin:

  1. Fill an ice-cube tray with BioColor® paint, cover with foil.
  2. Insert a craft stick into each cube and freeze.
  3. When completely frozen, BioColor® paint draws like chalk.
  4. As it softens, the effect is as a crayon and then like paint.
  5. Variation: layer several colors, one at a time, to create a layered look.

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Make These Goofy Ghosts for Your Spooky Halloween!

These little ghosts are not the creepiest ghouls, but they’re sure to delight!

Materials Needed:
White BioColor® Paint  – 16 oz (BIOWH)
Colorations® Glitter Glue – set of 6 (GGST)
Colored Regular Wiggly Eyes – 100 pieces (100C)
Colorations® 9×12″ Black Construction Paper (9CPBK)

Get the instructions here!

Congratulations to Our BioColor® Contest Winner!

To celebrate BioColor’s 21st birthday, we invited people to share their original BioColor® activity ideas for a chance to win $2,100 in products!

Congratulations to Jamie T. of San Luis Obispo for the winning entry: Giant Golf-Ball Painting!

Congratulations to our runners-up! Each won $210 in products:

Bonnie G. of Philadelphia, PA {Good Qualities Count}
Kate P. of Neskowin, OR {Iceberg Melt}
Carrie D of Augusta, MI {Painting with Nature}
Christie C. of St. Louis, MO {The Four Seasons}